Photo Gallery: Scary Monsters, Super Freaks... and Vikings

by Ana Maria Bahiana July 20, 2019
Actors Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Artist Matt Groening
Actor Dominic Cooper
Cast of the TV Series The Rook at Comic-Con 2019
The cast of "Supergirl" at Comic-Con 2019
Cast and creators of NOS4A2 at Comic-Con 2019
Actor Antony Mackie at SDCC 2019
Actors Alexander Ludwig and Katheryn Winnick  at SDCC 2019
IT Cosplay at SDCC 2019

Day three of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 ended with a Marvel marathon, but before that, an assortment of extraordinary beings - and the people who summon and bring them to life - did the honors at the Convention Center.