Red Carpet Accessories: Shoes, Purses and More

by Margaret Gardiner October 2, 2017
Alicia Vikander, Doris Leuthard and Angelina Jolie
Alicia Vikander
Feathered sandals
Xenia Tchoumi
Perspex sandals
Ashleigh Murray, Diane Kruger and Jennifer Carpenter
Barbara Lennie, Helene Bonham Carter, Alice Isaaz and Greta Scarano
Alice Isaaz and Natasha Lyonne
Elle Fanning
Angelina Jolie
Isabella Ferrari

It’s that time of year. Major movies are going to be released and that means premieres. We always focus on the dress, but the purse and the shoes finish the look. So let’s see how the experts do it.

How do we fit what we need into something so small but that also looks good? Let’s see what is popping right now.