Stars Are Fans Too: How Their Colleagues' Work Inspired Their Careers

by Philip Berk February 4, 2019
Quentin Taratino and a scene from "Rocky"
Jennifer Jason Leigh and a scene from "Dog Day Afternoon"
Cate Blanchett and a scene from "Woman Under the Infuence"
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and a scene from "Elizabeth"
Christian Bale and a scene from "Naked"
Bob Odenkirk and a scene from "The Last Detail"
Paul Bettany and a scene from Five Easy Pieces
Helen Mirren and a scene from L'Avventura
Bobby Cannavale and a scene from "Rebel Without a Cause"
Leonardi di Caprio and a scene from "Taxi Driver"

Do stars watch their own movies? Some do, but others steer clear of them.

Claudia Cardinale recently told the Hollywood Foreign Press that she isn’t nostalgic but might watch a film of hers if it is shown on television. Does she have all her films on DVD? “No” was her surprising answer. 

A number of years ago we posed the question, “Is there was a movie that changed your life?” to a variety of stars, and the responses were quite revealing.For many, it inspired their career choice.

(And this is just the beginning - more stars and their choices, next week).