Trend Mashup on the Red Carpet

by Margaret Gardiner April 9, 2018
Naomie Harris, Emily Blunt and Rosario Dawson
Blake Lively with Ryan Reynolds, Emily Blunt with John Krasinski, and Joe Manganiello with Sofia Vergara
Zosia Mamet
Alyson Stoner and Alisha Boe
Malin Akerman
Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow and Ike Barinholtz
Daniel Muriel, Dwayne Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Renner
Lily Collins and Lisa Bonet
Idris Elba, David Franco and Liev Schreiber
Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella and Freida Pinto
Chloe Sevigny, Leslie Mann and Rosario Dawson

Ethnic trends are being celebrated in head gear that first appeared at the Golden Globes and later established their place at the Black Panther premieres. Patterns continue to add splashes of color, while men get adventurous in a very safe way.