Film Restoration Grant Application Information

The HFPA has a long history of supporting film restoration and each year selects several historically significant films in different genres for restoration.

Applications to fund film restoration projects must include the following items:

  1. Grant Application Form and Proposal Narrative,
  2. Copy of organization's most recent annual financial statement,
  3. Copy of current 501c3 letter verifying nonprofit and foundation status,
  4. List of Board of Directors with affiliations,
  5. Unless a prior waiver is obtained, please submit applications for at least three (3) proposed restoration titles

Proposed Restoration Grant Proposal Narrative:  Please prepare a proposal of no more than four pages, using 12-point font, addressing the following questions (please submit a separate statement for each film):

Request Statement: Please provide one sentence describing the proposed restoration project including the grant amount requested, the film title, estimated budget, film elements available, what will be accomplished, who will be served, and the geographic location for the restoration work. (This statement should also appear on the application cover page.)

Proposed Restoration Descriptions:  Please describe the film, including year and director. Please briefly provide the following details:

  • A detailed description of all rights cleared and elements that you have obtained for the proposed restoration and any rights and elements that still must be cleared/obtained.  With very few exceptions, the HFPA will only consider restorations for which the grant applicant has cleared the rights and secured the film elements.
  • Please include a detailed description of the HFPA’s ability to screen the restored film in the U.S. and worldwide and what permissions, if any, must be obtained and from whom for any future HFPA screenings.
  • Please include the timeline for project completion, and the artistic, cultural, historical significance of the film to be restored.

Organization Description: Briefly describe the organization’s mission, major services and programs, past record of restorations completed, and leadership and funding support. Include information about how the proposed restorations fit within or expands upon the organization’s goals.

Acknowledgements: Explain the manner in which the HFPA grant will be acknowledged. This should include, as appropriate, recognition on the restored film, and other publications, press/promotion, screening credits, and at all other events in which the restorations are screened.

Project Budget:  Please include a detailed line-item budget for each proposed restoration that includes the name of the lab that you plan to work with on the restoration.  Note that the HFPA only pays for direct restoration lab costs and not for any overhead or administrative costs associated with the restoration. If relevant, please include other sources of financial support for the restoration.

Please submit the grant application form and all required and supplemental materials by email to  If possible, include a Word copy of the narrative.  Additional materials that cannot be sent via email may be sent to:

Grants Officer
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
PO Box 368
11693 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

If you have any questions, please email the Grants Officer at


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