Sarah Paulson in a scene from "Ratched",2020
Barbaros TapanSeptember 22, 2020

Netflix's psychological thriller Ratched is Ryan Murphy’s take on the origin story of one of the screen’s best-loved (or hated) villains. It stars...

Actress Bo Derek, 2019, Golden Globe nominee
Barbaros TapanSeptember 15, 2020

She was 17 years old when she was cast for her first movie, Fantasies. While shooting in Greece, Bo and the director John Derek fell in love...

Actress Rosamund Pike, Golden Globe nominee
Barbaros TapanSeptember 14, 2020

Marie Curie won two Nobel Prizes, discovered two chemical elements and radioactivity, and founded the science of radiology. Radioactive, tells the...

Actor, producer Amdy Garcia. Golden Globe nominee
Barbaros TapanAugust 19, 2020

The coming-of-age romantic drama Words on Bathroom Walls stars Charlie Plummer as Adam, a young high school student pursuing his dream of becoming...

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Actor Orlando Bloom
Barbaros TapanAugust 17, 2020

Orlando Bloom's digitally released film Retaliation follows the intense story of Malky, a demolition worker (played by Bloom), who was sexually...

A scene from "Da 5 Bloods", Netflix, 2020
Barbaros TapanJune 10, 2020

Spike Lee's latest joint is the story of four African American vets who return to Vietnam to search for the remains of their squad leader and the...

Scene from "Bad Education"
Barbaros TapanApril 22, 2020

HBO's Bad Education is based on the true story of Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman), a former Roslyn school district superintendent who became...