Julianne Moore, Golden Globe winner and a scene from "Three Women"
Philip BerkFebruary 18, 2019

In the third installment of our quest to find out which are the stars' favorite movies, we learn how other people's work - actors, directors,...

Angelina Jolie and a scene from "The Hill"
Philip BerkFebruary 8, 2019

In part II of our exploration of fandom by stars (with fans of their own...), we find out that their favorite films and performances not only...

Leonardo DiCaprio and a scene from "Taxi Driver"
Philip BerkFebruary 4, 2019

Do stars watch their own movies? Some do, but others steer clear of them.Claudia Cardinale recently told the Hollywood Foreign Press that she isn’...

Golden Globe winner Denzel Washington  at the 73rd Golden Globes and his family
Noemia YoungJune 18, 2016

Raising kids under the glare of Hollywood stardom and the constant pressure of hectic work and media attention isn't easy - but many of our...

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