Jonah Hill

Actr, director Jonah Hill
Kirpi Uimonen BallesterosJanuary 23, 2019

Twice Golden Globe nominee Jonah Hill has been sidetracked from directing and writing, his true calling, for last 15 years. It all started back in...

Actor Jonah Hill
Rocio AyusoDecember 26, 2016

La comedia es la mejor arma de este actor a veces gruñón y, en ocasiones, demasiado alegre. Un arma que le ha proporcionado a este angelino de 33...

Actor Jonah Hill
Ana Maria BahianaDecember 16, 2016

The road to War Dogs began for Jonah Hill some years ago, when he read the Rolling Stone article “Arms and Dudes” and, he told us, immediately saw...

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