2019 Cannes International Film Festival

Director Joon-ho Bong, winner of the 72nd Cannes
Husam AsiMay 25, 2019

للعام الثاني على التوالي، يمنح مهرجان كان السينمائي السعفة الذهبية لفيلم اسيوي وهو فيلم "طفيلي" للمخرج الجنوب كوري بونغ جون-هو، ليصبح أول كوري...

A scene from "Diego Maradona", 2019
Luca CeladaMay 21, 2019

In an edition light on documentaries, Asif Kapadia’s Diego Maradona shined all the more brightly. Kapadia is the master of “reconstructive” docs,...

Director Nadine Labaki
Sam AsiMay 20, 2019

تغيّر ملحوظ في مهرجان كانّ السينمائي العريق بدأ يحدث العام الماضي واستمر هذا العام وتحديدا على بساطه الاحمر الشهير، حيث غاب عنه الحضور القوي لنجوم...

A scene from "Les Misérables", 2019
Luca CeladaMay 18, 2019

Monfermeil, a few miles outside Paris, is one of the historical locations in Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”. In its current incarnation, a...

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A scene from "Sorry We Missed You", 2019
Luca CeladaMay 17, 2019

Ken Loach is one of the most decorated Cannes directors ever. The British helmer has won two Palmes d’Or (The Wind That Shakes the Barley in 2006...

Tarion Egerton in a scene from "Rocketman", 2019
Luca CeladaMay 17, 2019

When the lights came back up in the cavernous Grand Theatre Lumière after the world premiere of Rocketman, applause was thunderous and emotions...

Rockstar Elton John and actor Taron Egerton
Armando GalloMay 16, 2019

I was lucky to meet Elton John in London in October 1970 as I was starting my journalistic career. He had just returned from Los Angeles after his...

POster of the 2019 Canens Film Festival
Elisabeth SeredaMay 13, 2019

Tarantino. Malick. Almodovar. No doubt these three veteran regulars will have festivalgoers fighting over tickets. Cannes offers more than just...