jeff bridges

Actor Jeff Bridges, Golden Globe winner
December 17, 2018

Golden Globe winner and four-time nominee Jeff Bridges will be honored with the 2019 Cecil B. deMille Award at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards...

Actor Jeff Bridges
Ana Maria BahianaDecember 23, 2016

Hot on the trail of a series of peculiar bank robberies in dusty, half-dead towns in West Texas, Jeff Bridges’ sheriff Marcus Hamilton cuts a...

Actor Jeff Bridges
Yenny Nun KatzDecember 23, 2016

Jeff Bridges tuvo que esperar hasta 2009 para que le llegara su primer Globo de Oro como mejor actor protagónico, premio que consiguió gracias a...

Elisa LeonelliDecember 22, 2016

Jeff Bridges was introduced to acting as a child by his actor father Lloyd Bridges, as was his older brother Beau Bridges. “My dad was very...

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