Agent Cooper is Back! The Joys and Mysteries of the New Twin Peaks, by Kyle MacLachlan

by Ana Maria Bahiana with Luca Celada May 21, 2017

Back in 1990, A-list filmmakers wouldn't even cross paths with TV producers, much less entertain the idea of developing a project with them. The announcement that David Lynch - at that point a winner of the Palme d'Or (for Wild at Heart) and already carrying multiple nominations for top awards ( including two for Golden Globes)- was doing just that shook the industry like a 6.5 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. Created in conjunction with TV veteran Mark Frost (Six Million Dollar Man, Hill Street Blues) Twin Peaks aired for two seasons on ABC, and became, if not a roaring audience hit, a major cult event, media-hot and, from every angle, a breakthrough. At the same time dreamy and scary, absurd and slice-of-life, hilarious and surreal, Twin Peaks was pelted with nominations and won three Golden Globes and two Emmys. 27 years later Lynch and Frost have teamed up again to create a limited series for Showtime, exploring the universe of Twin Peaks and what could have/might have happened to its characters a quarter of a century later. At the series'  eventful premiere at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles we talked to Kyle MacLachlan, a regular in the Lynchean world, and, as FBI agent Dale Cooper, the star of both iterations of Twin Peaks.