Bloodline: A Noir with a Pedigree.

by Luca Celada May 27, 2015

Bloodline is Netflix’s newest offering, a simmering Florida noir that trawls the depth of mistrust and deception lurking behind the facade of a seemingly happy extended family on the Keys. As the narrative opens Patriarch Robert Rayburn (Sam Shepard) is celebrating his anniversary with his wife of forty-five years, Sally (Sissy Spacek). As family reunions often do, the Rayburn’s clan homecoming quickly goes the way of a Tennessee Williams Gothic and a parallel flash-forward foreshadows ominous developments. It’s a high concept series with the literary heft we’ve come to expect from the best serial fiction and could be another critical hit for the pioneering stream caster. The HFPA’s Ramzi Malouki shot the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere and filed this report. Luca Celada