Elisabeth Moss: A Handmaid’s Tale for Our Age

by Luca Celada April 25, 2017

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian tale of life in a theocratic near-future, totalitarian America won the Arthur C. Clarke award and was nominated for a Nebula and the Booker Prize in 1986. It has never been out of print since its 1985 first edition and was adapted into a film with Faye Dunaway and Natasha Richardson by Volker Schlöndorff in 1990. The ten-episode Hulu version stars Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss as the titular Handmaid’s Offred, one of the fertile women conscripted by the patriarchy to bear children for the Commanders, the ruling class men. The HFPA’s Kirpi Uimonen and Ramzi Malouki asked Moss about the series on which Atwood herself served as consulting producer, and the current importance of its themes of misogyny and repression.