Jon Favreau on Chef

by HFPA May 8, 2014

With an early career in comedy and such cult indie fare as Swingers plus the mega blockbuster successes of the Iron Man and Avengers franchises, Jon Favreau is nothing if not eclectic. With Chef he returns to smaller scale uplifting comedy and a personal passion: food. The movie, a labor of love which Favreau wrote and directed as well as stars in tells of a hotshot Los Angeles chef who becomes disamored with the high-stakes restaurant business and rekindles his passion as well as his relationship with his young son, by hitting the road in a food truck. For the cast Favreau tapped John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Dustin Hoffman and Sofia Vergara as well as a few old friends, like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson; to get into the role he apprenticed with star chef and Kogi truck creator Roy Choi, a pioneer of ethnic fusion cooking on wheels as well as of social media as a way of promoting truck cuisine. We caught up with him at HFPA headquarters.