Justin Theroux on How The Leftovers Will Face Its Own End of Days

by Luca Celada April 30, 2017

Enigmatic and at times cryptic, The Leftovers has rewarded loyal fans with some of the most interesting television in recent memory as it explores issues of faith, fanaticism, fatalism and Americana in one sometimes messy, thoroughly compelling package. The unique characters brought to the screen by Damon Lindelof from the pages of David Perotta’s novel of the same name have proven to be some of the most flawed and yet sympathetic to ever come to terms with a possible apocalypse in a story that deftly blends science fiction, mysticism and pop culture in a narrative which is ultimately thoroughly human. Justin Theroux gives us an idea – utterly spoiler free – of how the improbable arc will reach its final conclusion at the end of this season.