Rupert Grint: from Hogwarts to "Snatch’s" Life of Crime

by Luca Celada March 22, 2017

To millions of Hogwarts aficionados he is and will forever be Ron Beasley, Harry Potter’s lovable, slightly dopey BFF. But like his wizardry classmates Rupert Grint has moved on and like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson he is branching into adult – ok, young adult – roles. To wit his role in Snatch, Crackle’s new entry which adapts Guy Ritchie’s 2000 “neo-cockney” crime drama to small-screen series. Much like FX’s Fargo it takes inspiration from a previous movie adapting its world, style and characters to new stories. In this case that of young wannabe cockney gangsters Albie, Charlie and Billie whose foray into the life of crime takes a sharp turn when they mistakenly rob a load of gold ingots from major league criminals. Grint (Charlie) told the HFPA’s Scott Orlin about the show and how his own life of crime began on the set of Harry Potter.