Sofia Boutella on “The Mummy”

by Luca Celada June 6, 2017

Since its inception by Karl Freund and Boris Karloff in 1932, during Universal’s classic horror period, The Mummy series has produced thirteen films (and four Scorpion King spinoffs). After Karloff, Tom Tyler, Lon Chaney, Christopher Lee and Arnold Vosloo (and several others) have donned the body wraps to play the disgruntled ancient Egyptian disturbed from slumber who seeks to wreak havoc on our modern world. The latest to bear the torch is Sofia Boutella the French-Algerian actress who started as a gymnast and Hip Hop dancer to break into Hollywood blockbusters (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond, Atomic Blonde). Here’s what she told the HFPA’s Katherine Tulich about stepping into those shoes opposite Tom Cruise in Alex Kurtzman’s current film, The Mummy.