On Music: Brie Larson, Protecting Kong's Island With Songs

by Armando Gallo March 15, 2017
Actress Brie Larson, Golden Globe winner.

hfpa/armando gallo

Golden Globe winner Brie Larson, is on the big screen this week in the most recent reboot of King Kong, Kong: Skull Island. We asked her if music is a source of inspiration for her acting talent:

“Music has always been a huge part of my life.  I think everybody has specific songs that remind him or her of periods of time and I usually create a playlist for whatever film I am doing.  Listening to music becomes a really great way for me to connect with certain emotions and I can just snap into certain things.  For Kong, I was listening a lot to (the Australian band) The Church . And I just found their songs to be really powerful and strong, upbeat and uplifting, but also about vulnerability and about life.  And when my everyday was sitting in this jungle and my characters were trying to fight and protect it, it just felt like a perfect combination and it would allow me to cry and believe that I was seeing Kong when there was nothing there.”