On Music: Henry Winkler, Tongue-Tied Fan

by Armando Gallo April 4, 2018
Actor Henry Winkler, Golden Globe winner

armando gallo/hfpa

Actor, producer, director, author of 37 children's books and twice Golden Globe winner, Henry Winkler is quick to credit the fortunate part of Fonzy, which he played in the 255 episodes of Happy Days, for his international success and fledging career.

He can be seen now in the new TV series Barry, in which he plays a demanding acting teacher to a conflicted professional assassin (Bill Hader). Has music ever influenced his acting, we asked.

I wish that I could make music. But my dyslexia, my brain… I depend upon the kindness of strangers. I love classical. We go on Saturday afternoon to the Philharmonic and we always think, oh my god, we are driving from Santa Monica, it’s so long, oh my god. And then by 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we are rejuvenated. Now, when I am studying and I’ve got a monologue, I find a piece of music that is emotionally attuned to the monologue. I play the music while I am memorizing. And when I’m doing the monologue I hear the music and it makes it bigger. It comes out better. So music is very important to me. The most embarrassing moments in my life are meeting musicians. I get tongue-tied. Elton John, I walked right up to him and I said, John I…. Ok, check, please. (Laughter) I met Bruce Springsteen. I met his wife, I kissed her hand. I shook his hand, I kissed his hand. (Laughter) And I left. But it’s true. I love music and people who make it.”