On Music: Sofia Coppola, Haunting and Beguiling

by Armando Gallo June 15, 2017
Director Sofia Coppola

hfpa/armando gallo

Golden Globe winner Sofia Coppola met the HFPA after her Cannes triumph – winning the  Best Director for her latest movie, The Beguiled. Her husband, Thomas Mars, leader of the French band Phoenix, collaborated with the soundtrack, so we asked Sofia how important music is in this movie.

“To me, the sound is really half the film, that is such a big part of creating the atmosphere and the emotion and in this, I tried to just have the music punctuate the tension and not help interrupt that. Just having these droning electronic tones, just to kind of emphasize the tension as opposed to using songs. And then I was happy when Phoenix sent me the last song for the ending and I feel like it really helps to give that kind of haunting feeling I wanted the ending to have."