Rami Malek, Mr. Robot - Nominee, Best Performance By An Actor In A TV Series – Drama

by Meher Tatna December 29, 2016
Actor Rami Malek

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“I always felt like an outsider and this role really speaks to that,” Rami Malek told the HFPA.  “He is someone who feels alienated and ostracized.  One of the most powerful things about this show is that anyone who feels different because of race or religion or the way they think, they can assimilate to him.”  He is talking about his character Elliot, a cybersecurity hacker who suffers from clinical depression and social anxiety disorders.  Recruited by Mr. Robot, a mysterious radical, he finds himself in a group of similar misfits bent on hacking into a corporation’s records to cancel all consumer debt.  The corporation happens to be a client of Elliot’s employer.  More than just a tech-y show, the themes of addiction and mental illness are explored, and Malek finds great satisfaction in fan mail from similarly afflicted viewers.  This is his second Golden Globe nomination for the series which just completed its second season.  It has been renewed for a third to air next year.