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Amanda Seyfried (born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1985) acted in movies like Mamma Mia! (2008) by Phillida Lloyd with Meryl Streep, Letters to Juliet (2010) with Vanessa Redgrave, Red Riding Hood (2011) by Catherine Hardwicke, In Time (2011) with Justin Timberlake, Les Misérables (2012) directed by Tom Hooper, Lovelace (2013), Fathers and Daughters (2015) by Gabriele Muccino, The Last Word (2017) with Shirley MacLaine, Gringo (2018), The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) with Milo Venitmiglia. She played Marion Davis in Mank (2020) by David Fincher.  On television she acted in the series Big Love (2006-2011).

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