On Music: Jane Fonda, from Satie to Eric Clapton

by Armando Gallo May 23, 2018
Actress Jane Fonda, Golden Globe winner

armando gallo/hfpa

Golden Globe winner Jane Fonda is out in the theatres with a cool comedy, The Book Club. the cherry on top of a marvelous career that started with Tall Story, a 1960 black and white film co-starring Anthony Perkins.

We asked her if music ever helped her to get into characters.

“Yes. from time to time depending on the character, I will use music,” she said. “My very first Broadway play, to prepare for the opening of that play, when the curtain opened I would listen to Les Trois Gymnopédies, by Erik Satie. That would get me into the place that I wanted to be/ In the movie that I recently did with Robert Redford called Our Souls at Night, when I had to think about my son who died I would play Eric Clapton’s song to his son in heaven, “Tears in Heaven”. That song would get me right there.”