Rune Temte, a Viking on Captain Marvel's Team

by Tina Jøhnk Christensen March 13, 2019
Actor Rune Temte

Norwegian actor Rune Temte might play a smaller role as Bron-Char in Captain Marvel, but it feels like a huge accomplishment. When he signed up to become part of the Marvel universe, he did it alongside Golden Globe and Oscar-winner Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jude Law. And with a stellar cast comes a stellar experience. We met the Norwegian actor - know as the ski-jumper coach Bjørn in Eddie the Eagle and the unpredictable Danish warlord Ubba in the TV series The Last Kingdom- at the premiere of Captain Marvel.

When you first signed on to do Captain Marvel, were you given any advice about becoming part of the Marvel Universe?

Not specifically. But as we started to work obviously there were people who had been in it and they introduced me to it and talked about it. So it was all taken care of in that sense.

What kind of things did they tell you?

What kind of attention it would be and what kind of work, what was required and all the secrecy and stuff around the project, all that kind of stuff.

Are you a fan of the comic book and what was it about the script of Captain Marvel and your character Bron-Char that spoke to you?

Yeah, I have been a Marvel fan for many years. I have been a fan of the comic books, so this was perfect for me because it was something that I followed for many years. It was good. And regarding Bron-Char, we didn’t know too much about him because he was introduced in the comics, but not like a main character. So we knew some things about him. But there wasn’t too much to give me any leads but it was interesting to look back into the comics to see how he was described and what kind of stories he was in.

So you were a fan when you were a child and revisited them now?

Yeah, so that was good to enter this world after many years.

You have been in movies like Eddie the Eagle and TV shows like The Last Kingdom, but I doubt that they can compare to Captain Marvel in terms of the scale. What’s it like being an actor in a movie of this kind of scale?

The job is between action and cut and this job is always the same. When that is said, of course, the scale of the production, the quality, the experience of the cast and crew is on a very high level, so that’s very interesting to be working with such talented people. And you have a DOP called Ben Davis and these people are really on the highest level in the industry. So that is very, very rewarding to work with. But I have to say that I have been lucky both in The Last Kingdom and Eddie the Eagle to work with some of the most profiled and some of the best people in the industry. So I think yeah, it was leading on and I really appreciate that kind of level and working on that level, yes.

And do you like the physical aspect of doing a film like this and what kind of training did you have to go through and were you injured on set?

I wasn’t injured on set. But I was preparing a lot for different scenarios so I was actually trying to be prepared in many ways, doing fight training and a lot of mobility training and a lot of strength training and cardio. I tried to prepare as much as possible. And I did two very challenging stunts myself, so yeah, I really had to prepare for that because they are really challenging things, so you have to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Oscar winner Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury. What’s the mood like when you are surrounded on set by talent like this?

I always say the best are the best. So the best people on that level, they are the best and the best for me is generous and they include people and they try and inspire us and that is what I mean by the best is the best. So it’s very inspiring to see them work and to see Brie Larson do a morphing like that and have the energy to tap into being a team leader on and off camera, I think that was very impressive. Samuel L Jackson, what can I say? He’s an icon and of course just to be in the same room as him makes you very humble and it inspires you to try and do your best. They are very talented and very generous people. So I was very happy to work with them. And then of course Jude Law. I spent a lot of time on set with him and that was an absolute pleasure.

How was the experience at the premiere on Hollywood Boulevard?

I have been in the limelight since I was 15. I was a professional athlete back in Norway. So I always sort of have been in things that would get a lot of attention. But of course on a level like this, it’s overwhelming and the fans already know your name and these kinds of things, of course, comes with being in a franchise like this. I enjoy it. I think we are there for the people that buy the tickets in the theater. And my golden rule is to try and give it as much as possible off and on camera.

You mentioned that you are a fan of the comics, so are you also a fan of the superhero movies and what is your favorite superhero movie?

Even though I wasn’t cast in them, I love the Thor movies. Being, like yourself, a Viking, we know that it’s in our DNA. So hopefully I can do a Thor character. With Thor, I really thought the last movie and of course when it first came out, it was great. Guardians of the Galaxy is something else of course and it’s really funny and I enjoyed that a lot. I really enjoyed all of the movies and this is number 21. Black Panther was a great movie and Doctor. Strange. Yeah, I have seen a lot of these movies, so I was really happy to be involved in this fantastic family at Marvel.

It has been said that you are the first Scandinavian to be in a Marvel picture. So what does this honor feel like?

Of course, it’s an honor. I don’t know if Mads Mikkelsen was the first in Doctor Strange, I will probably be the second Scandinavian. There are a lot of great actors out there, so I take it as a compliment that my talent was wanted in this movie.

As usual, Stan Lee has a moment of his own in Captain Marvel. Unfortunately, he passed away recently. Did you get a chance to meet him?

I didn’t but I was there when he was doing his small part in the movie. Funny enough, I was just picked up after the driver had taken him to his home, so it was the driver telling me how great of a person he was and of course I felt I was close to him when he told me these stories.

And you are doing your next project in Dublin. I don’t know if it’s possible for you to talk about it yet?

I can say it’s a Scandinavian platform and that’s all I can say. It hasn’t been announced yet. And I have been shooting here for 35 days and it’s in English, so it’s going worldwide so that’s also good. And after this one, it’s also a project that hasn’t been announced. That is a Netflix movie and I am going on to Prague, that’s all I can say.

What is your goal for the future, do you want to combine Norwegian/Scandinavian projects with International projects? What’s your plan?

I am International, so I want to do more International work that is here, that is the goal. And to be the next James Bond villain.